Have you ever wanted a water park that provided fun themes? If so, then Metrodome is right up your alley. One of the main draws to the park is its space adventure area. This area comes equipped with a custom space base for you to get started. Your kids will love all of the interactive things to do in this area The space-themed sections allow you to go from one area to another to have loads of fun. For example, there is a diving pool for people who love to get air while jumping into the water. There is a competition pool as well, which is perfect for people who love to time themselves while they swim laps. Check these out if you have an adventurous side.

Additionally, the space adventure section comes with a wave lagoon pool. This is perfect for kids or adults who like to spend leisure time in the water while slow waves roll over them. This is ideal for people who want a beach feel, but without the salt and sand aspects. If you have smaller children, however, there is another place for you in this section. The toddler pool provides a safe environment for younger kids. Other water parks lack these pools, in many cases, and older kids often are allowed to join in. The deep water pool is a major draw for people who love the challenge of swimming to the bottom. Visit space adventure for a brand new way to have a great amount of fun.

  Greetings Space Cadets.. I'm Alphie and I challenge you to try the Space Bullet... It's a Blast!!!