Some water parks advertise great services, but what good are those services if you have limited access to the park? Metrodome sets itself apart by remaining open when it is convenient for you. There are summer water parks that are awful with their hours of operation. For some people, this is a major deterrent because it does not allow them to take their kids once they get off of work in the afternoons. Also, many water parks have horrible hours of operation during the holidays. Metrodome caters to people who want to spend their holidays in a fun and festive atmosphere. The staff at this facility understands that kids want to come to the park as soon as school lets out for the summer, so they plan their hours accordingly!

Public swim options are a major draw for park attendees. These pubic swims allow you to relax without worrying about being bombarded by a bunch of screaming people. The hours of operation for public swims vary from day-to-day, but you can rest assured that there is a time that works for everyone. The great thing about it is that it is open 7 days a week. Also, there are times reserved for older crowds to swim. People who are 50 years of age or older can have the pool to themselves so that they can reduce their stress. If you are looking for a park with many different features to meet the needs of people of all ages, then check out Metrodome. You will certainly find what you are looking for.